Grethe Røv Lien

Grethe Røv Lien

In the act of creation, I find freedom and I am liberated. My whole life it has been a sacred space where I can be my most authentic self, where I can explore the amazing world of art with lines and colors.

Each stroke, line and color choise is a deliberate atemt to evoke EMOTIONS, to provoke thoughts and ignite the SPARK of Inspiration, Joy and Reflection within the viewer. I aim to create Art that sparks the Soul and give Joy and Reflection.

A Distinctive Line / Stroke

I love to experiment with my lines and strokes, and use different techniques to get the emotion I strive to create.

Bold and dynamic or delicate and subtle lines. Sharp, smooth, thin or thick lines and strokes.

They all evoke different EMOTIONS.


My art aims to celebrate the human spirit, inspire positivity and invite viewers to embrace the beauty and wonders that surrounds us.

Joy is a central theme in my art, as I aim to evoke a sense of happiness, delight and contentment. Through vibrant colors, playful compositions and expressive lines and brushwork, I strive to create artwork that brings a sense of joy and lightheartedness.

In my artwork, I also seek to create a space for reflection and curiosity, allowing viewers to connect with their own inner thoughts and emotions.

Art practice

I mostly use acrylic and watercolor. I love the acrylic paint for its vibrant colors and ability to create bold textured effects. They are well suited for building up layers and creating texture.

I also love my watercolors with their ability to create soft, atmospheric affects.

I love to explore and experimente with different brushes, techniques and surfaces. All to create art that reflect the emotion that I strive to capture.


My inspiration comes from people around me, both people I know and people I don’t know.

A person’s posture, gestures or facial expression convey their innermost feelings and can be
translated onto a canvas. Individuals spark my curiosity, and I am drawn to the mystery and intrigue that surrounds them.

I am reminded of the shared experiences, struggles and triumphs that unite us as human beeings.
Through my art, I aim to reflect these universal aspects of the human experience.

Thank you for joining me on this emotional exploration through my art.


Thank you for this lovely feedback

“I love the way you use lines in your artwork. I love your strokes. They have a way of evoking strong emotions and creating a sense of movement and energy.

You have an ability to convey complex emotions through simple and elegant lines. Your art speaks directly to my heart and soul. Thank you!”

- Elisabeth