Grethe Røv Lien

Central THEME of my Art – JOY

Central THEME of my Art – JOY


My Art aims to celebrate the human spirit, inspire positivity and embrace beauty..

Joy is a central theme in my Art, as I aim to evoke a sense of Hapiness, delight and contentment. Through vibrant colors, playful compositions and expressive lines and brushwork, I strive to create artwork that brings a sense of joy and lightheartedness.

I also seek to create a space for Reflection and Curiosity, allowing viewers to connect with their inner thoughts and emotions.

* For Original ART on Canvas *

If you are interested in my original Art, please send DM or see my instagram   @grethe_lien  to see more of my Art.

Sizes:  From 30x40cm to 200x200cm


Central THEME of my Art – JOY